Pros And Cons Of Non Designer Babies

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Have you ever wanted to customize something just to your liking? In the modern world, there are many things you can design to your taste like shoes, shirts, bracelets, etc. If someone customizes a shirt, the clothing can feel extra special because the got to make it. People can get attached or defensive if another person tries to use it. It can hurt the most if you break a personalized mug or bowl than if one dropped a normal mug or bowl because it was extra special to that person. With the invention an expensive procedure, one can pick some traits of their baby, like eye color, hair color or gender. Like always, with the creation of a new procedure, there are many things that can go wrong. Designer babies have many pros, but the cons outweigh them. Societal problems and random genes being the worst. First of all, choosing your child’s traits could create a gap in society between designer babies and non-designer babies. Not everyone parent can afford the procedure, so not every baby can have the procedure. “That outcome cost around $50,000, about what the average U.S. family makes in a year” (“Designer ' Babies”). Having the procedure could create prejudice between designer and non-designer babies. It could make a class or race for designer babies and the rich people if they …show more content…

The expensive process can create a gap between designer babies and non-designer babies and rich and poor babies. There are desired traits, so there would be a lack of societal diversity, with everyone having the same traits. The procedure can create a random gene that interrupts another gene or create a new disease. The contagious disease can spread all over the country if the baby survives. Decimating the population might seem like a good idea, but it can go too far too fast. Right now, the technology is not ready for use on human babies, but because there are things that can go wrong it is not a good

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