Persuasive Essay On Unsafe Abortion

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Worldwide, 42 million abortions occur every year, 20 million of which happen on unsafe terms (Haddad and Nour 122). As of late, abortion incidence has begun to decrease due to the creation and distribution of contraceptive medications, as this resulted in fewer unintended pregnancies. However, the overall number of unsafe abortions has remained the same, making the proportion of unsafe to safe terminations greater as time goes on (Sedgh et al. 629). This trend is especially evident in the United States, and does not appear to be ending soon; the epidemic of unsafe abortion in America will only continue to increase under current conditions. In this essay, I will use research conducted on the United States’ legislations to examine how the lack …show more content…

In 2011 a legislation passed in Texas made the access citizens have to abortion to be severely restricted. This new legislation made it so that women would feel ashamed and conflicted about a decision that they were otherwise certain about making. One of the results of this is that women must now listen to a detailed description of their ultrasound 24 hours before their scheduled abortion. Another effect since the implementation of this legislation is that many clinics had no choice but to close; twelve out of thirty four clinics in Texas closed in 2013, as they could not secure the proper hospital privileges that the legislation demanded. Texas has even reduced its funding towards family planning and completely removed Planned Parenthood, an organization well known for its pro-choice stance, from state funding (Grossman et al.). By removing this support, women who choose or have chosen abortion now feel as though they are the ones in the wrong, not the law. There is no doubt this law was set in place in hopes women would feel guilty and change their minds about abortion. Even if the women still choose to abort after this, they will feel more uncomfortable and ashamed about their

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