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The common belief among many people is that abortion is murder. I disagree. Abortion is not murder. Abortion cannot be considered murder, first, because it is the woman’s body in which the fetus resides. Secondly, abortion is not murder because there are reasons such as rape and possible birth defects that can contribute to the idea of having an abortion. Finally, a murder would have to involve a person outside of the womb in which the fetus is still inside. The first argument against the idea that abortion is murder is that it is the woman’s body and therefore it is her decision. Since it is the decision of the mother to terminate life it is not murder. The mother is willing for a certified doctor to perform the operation within her body. With this being said it shows how the mother is comfortable …show more content…

The procedure of an abortion does more good for the mother and family than it prevents a life from occurring. The mother’s body should be respected, as it always should be. The mother’s life should always be put in priority. When rape is placed into the world of possibility behind pregnancy then a woman should always be helped during a traumatic event such as a rape. Even the idea of monetary struggles of families should be observed. These exact situations are some of the leading reasons that abortions should always be offered to the party seeking one without question. The recent changes in the American political climate with the election of Donald Trump as president has led to fear among. The growing fear of losing the right to abort has many women scared, as they would be stuck with the trauma of rape or monetary burden. This is simply not ok for us to do to women. As stated, abortion is not murder due to the simple fact that a murder takes place during a struggle between two or more parties. The fetus does not have a voice during the procedure, but without the mother giving life internally to the fetus it would never be in the first

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