Abortion Rhetorical Analysis

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Abortion is not only a fluctuating concept in our society, but an ethical and emotional debate, as well. The image I have chosen presents concepts from a cultural and historical background, as well as presents an ethical, emotional, and logical appeal to the audience. The debate about abortion has simply been overblown and exhausted. The truth of the matter is, abortion is murder. Ending a life, whether innocent or guilty, is murder. In this day and age, our society is bombarded with many different stigmas and values. When these values are double-crossed, it is hard to run away from the shunning of society. In the case of abortion, that is not such a bad thing. About 78.4% of the United States practices Christianity, and 23.9% of those Christians …show more content…

Everyone is entitled to a panel and to express their opinion. In the cases of abortion, the fetus does not have a voice, this image supports the fact that fetuses do havea right to be born and to a chance at life. The image itself does not specifically say that abortion is wrong, it just brings an ethical and emotional appeal to the audience. The audience for this image spans to those who are contemplating abortion, are against abortion, who study and are advocates for the law and protection of human rights, those who do not know whether to support abortion or not, and it can also reach out to those who have had an abortion. The design would appeal to all of those forms of an audience. Specifically, those who are contemplating having an abortion. The design I used was meant to be dark, but in the same way dirty. I used brown and red to emphasize the concept of “murder” and dirty. The emotion I hope to bring to those who have had an abortion, or those who are contemplating abortion is a feeling of disgust and uncleanliness. The feeling of ending ones life should not bring positive emotions or cleansed feelings. So I used the brown to excentuate those emotions. The red makes the concept of murder pop out and goes well with the image and comic strip itself. I do not believe that it violates any conventions but it does carry an appeal to the audience using ethos and

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