Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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One of the furthermost essential issues in biomedical ethics is the controversy around abortion. There’s a long history on this controversy and it is still critically debated among researchers and the public in both terms of morality and legality. Some of the basic questions argued that may perhaps characterize the importance of the issue: Is abortion morally justifiable? Does the foetus/embryo/zygote have any moral and legal rights? Is the foetus a human being and, if so, should it be protected? What are the measures for being a human being? Is there any morally relevant break along the biological process of development from the unicellular zygote to birth? In this essay I will discuss why physician should recommend prenatal testing for severe birth defect even if it might encourages abortion therefore I do not agree with the statement above. My argument will based on the following ethical principles and theories: Utilitarianism, Respect for Autonomy and Virtue Firstly I will introduce what each of these ethical theories and principles mean and their implication on this argument. Utilitarianism “Act utilitarianism is solely concerned with achieving the maximum good. To a utilitarian, the choice that yields the greatest benefit to the most people is the choice that is ethically correct.” (Catherine Rainbow, 2002).Prenatal testing and aborting a child with severe defects will bring the greatest good to the economy, health sector and to the society I will further elaborate

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