What Is Planned Parenthood?

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Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization that provides services regarding contraception, family planning, and reproductive problems (“Who We Are”). According to James Miller, a law professor at Tulane University, Planned Parenthood has been a major conflict among the American people mostly due to its abortion services. Currently, in America, various religious groups, conservative politicians, and individuals are pushing for Planned Parenthood to lose federal funding based on its association with abortion (Poteat). Contrary to the unpopularity of Planned Planned among some groups, according to Paul Poteat, professor of psychology at Boston College, many others believe Planned Parenthood is a necessity for sexual and reproductive health, …show more content…

According to John Gagnon, a human genetics professor at McGill University, cancer screenings and early prevention are the most effective approaches to eliminate cancer, especially reproductive cancer. Planned Parenthood administers about “1.1 million cancer screenings and prevention procedures” per year for breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer, which comprises about 10% of all the services Planned Parenthood provides (Planned Parenthood Federation of America). These 1.1 million cancer screenings and prevention procedures most likely saved thousands of people who would have otherwise missed their cancer early on and were unable to treat as effectively later on, according to Dr. Robert Smith, the senior director for Cancer Screening and Cancer Control Science Department at American Cancer Society. Planned Parenthood 's cancer services have a substantially positive impact on cancer prevention, and therefore should not be federally defunded in order to maintain these services. Given this, any argument made to defund Planned Parenthood that disregards its health benefits is subsidiary and should not be taken into …show more content…

The sculpture depicts a woman weeping in front of a child made of glass as the child reaches out to comfort her. The artist, Martin Hudáčekart explains in an interview with the Catholic News Agency that “the piece is meant to show God can forgive the women who have gotten abortions… [and] this will help the women who are struggling with the pain of their abortions to forgive themselves” (Hudacek). This art piece could accurately represent the anti-abortion sentiments felt around the world and can explain the strong opposition to organizations such as Planned Parenthood which provide abortion services. Despite the arguments of religious organizations, conservatives, and individuals in America who wish to defund Planned Parenthood based upon its abortion services, there is no substantial or convincing evidence to do so. Not only are these arguments void given the Hyde amendment prohibits federal funds to be used for abortion, but also insignificant in comparison to the health benefits Planned Parenthood provides. Regardless of opposing arguments, Planned Parenthood must not be defunded due to its essential services regarding sexual and reproductive health care. Although this means that some groups and individuals will have to pay taxes that contribute to something they morally oppose, it is overall beneficial to protect the collective health of the

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