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  • Essay On Sexually Transmitted Disease

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    SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE (STD) IN MOUTH Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) also known as Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are mostly gotten and acquired via sexual intercourse in an unprotected way in which great numbers of people engage in. There are different types of sexually transmitted diseases, most of which are contracted via the vaginal sex, oral sex or anal sex. Oral STD is usually not limited to age, class or sex and other factors because once a person comes in contact with

  • Chlamydia Sexually Transmitted Disease

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    According to the CDC (Center For Disease Control) website, Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease or STD. It is a disease that can be contracted by either men or women. It is safe to say that it does way more harm to a female body than that of a male. It can cause serious, permanent damage to a woman 's reproductive system, which as we know if necessary for procreation and the replenishing of the population. This disease can also make it difficult or impossible for her to get pregnant

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)

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    an STD? STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. You can also refer to them as STIs which stand for Sexually Transmitted Infections. These infections are caused by bacteria and parasites that affect your body. (source). It is common for the infections to spread by having sexual contact with an infected person who has it. There are several transmitted diseases among people including HIV, Hepatitis, Gonorrhea and syphilis. Gonorrhea and Syphilis are the two main diseases that are widely spread

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Misconceptions

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    I believe that many people throughout the world are uneducated about sexually transmitted diseases. The inadequate education of STDs has lead to individuals believing in and practicing many misconceptions. There are a lot of misconceptions about condom use such as; using two condoms is better because it provides more protection. However, the truth is that using two condoms at once can greatly increase the friction often causing them to rip. Another misconception is that if condoms are unavailable

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research Paper

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    Sexually Transmitted Diseases An Evolutionary View Child Development Sexual Transmitted Disease are infections through sexual contact, caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Many STIs are spread through contact with infected body fluids such as blood, vaginal fluids, or semen. They can also be spread through contact with infected skin or mucous membranes, such as sores in the mouth. You

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)

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    Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) is a disease transferable in terms of sexual contact. It is also transferrable in terms of saliva transfer or kiss. It was said that this disease originated form a man that had a sex contact with a monkey. And later on this disease was spread out all over the world rapidly. (Ryan, 1996) The most common kind of sexually transmitted disease is HIV or Human Immune Virus. This virus makes the body of his victim weak and it lowers the immune system of the person infected

  • Henrietta Lacks: Sexually Transmitted Disease

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    a simple life by taking care of her family, including her husband (and also her first cousin) Dale, and their five children. Not long after she delivered her fifth child, Henrietta developed an aggressive cervical cancer caused by the sexually transmitted disease, HPV, which quickly caused her to lose her fight and pass away, yet her death and cancer cells also had a new beginning in the aspect of science: her cells taken from a biopsy continued to divide and became one of the most important cell

  • Prostitution In The 19th Century

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    century, came the plague of sexually transmitted diseases.Venereal diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhoea were a pestilence (a deadly or virulent epidemic disease) in Victorian Britain. Not only the female prostitutes and males who purchased their services contained these diseases, it also spread to the wives and childern of those who were infected. This means that a lot of childern born in this period could be infected with all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases. In these days newborn infected

  • Birth Control Pills Pros And Cons

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    use of contraceptives which are various devices or drugs that try inhibit pregnancy. The importance of birth control also involves the physical protection of the two parties involved. Having unprotected sexual intercourse may result in sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, AIDS, HPV and syphilis. One of the most popular methods for mens contraception would be the use of condoms, vasectomy and withdrawal method also known as “pulling out”. The most popular birth control method for women are

  • Persuasive Sex Education

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    highest rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in the developed world” (McMahon, Stokely.) Teenage mothers are more likely to become drop-outs living in poverty. Sex education programs are an important factor in our younger generation’s lives. Without some sort of program who knows what the pregnancy and STD rates will look like. According to the author, Stokely Anne,” more than 15 million Americans are infected with a sexually transmitted disease each year, and

  • Std Pros And Cons

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    Sexually Transmitted Diseases: What’s the best way to prevent STDs? There is a controversy about which is the best and most effective method. Some say the best prevention is condoms. Others say the best prevention is abstinence. There are many different viewpoints for the “right” way to avoid the spreading of STDs. While great progress has been made in treating STDs, there remains much debate regarding the best strategy for the purpose of reducing transmission among teens and young adults-the groups

  • Essay On Chlamydia

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    WAYS TO GET CHLAMYDIA There are several sexually transmitted infections contracted from males to females, females to males or homosexual and bisexual partners. In effect, all it takes to transmit these bacteria is contact of the genitals – be it penile, vaginal, anal, or even orally. Among the most common sexually transmitted infections or diseases is Chlamydia which is caused by the pathogen, Chlamydia trachomatis. It is mostly carried alongside the sperm cells with its associated fluid in a man

  • What Is Planned Parenthood?

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    Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization that provides services regarding contraception, family planning, and reproductive problems (“Who We Are”). According to James Miller, a law professor at Tulane University, Planned Parenthood has been a major conflict among the American people mostly due to its abortion services. Currently, in America, various religious groups, conservative politicians, and individuals are pushing for Planned Parenthood to lose federal funding based on its association

  • Persuasive Essay On Gonorrhea

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    people wouldn’t be able to pay for anything because most jobs won’t let anyone work if you have gonorrhea so in that case, they can’t make the money for the treatment. People that have gonorrhea should have to make it known to anyone that they become sexually active with because it can endanger other people’s lives, they can get extremely sick, and their lives can be ruined. Gonorrhea rates are jumping again after hitting a record low, and an increasing number of cases are caused by a superbug. The rate

  • Herpes Simplex Research Paper

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    Herpes simplex Herpes or Herpes simplex is a common sexually transmitted disease that any sexually active person can get. Research Goal:What is Herpes? How do we get it? What are the symptoms of it? Is there any cure? What is Herpes? What is Herpes? The herpes simplex virus, also known as HSV, is an infection that causes herpes. Herpes can appear in various parts of the body, most commonly on the genitals or mouth. There are two types of the herpes simplex virus. HSV-1, also known

  • Hpv Persuasive Speech

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    of sexually-transmitted diseases, but there is so much that goes unknown about this affective condition. Because everyone should be properly informed about the dangers of this disease, we are here to debunk all of the myths you might have heard. All you have to do is read on to discover the truth about the misconceptions of HPV! Number Nine: HPV is a Women’s Disease Not true. Though it is commonly seen as a disease for women, men are also able to contract the disease. If you are a sexually active

  • Essay On Syphilis

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    Syphilis is a kind of sexually transmitted infections caused by the bacterium called Spiroset Treponema Pallidum. It is primarily spread by sexual contact including oral and anal sex. Even, this disease also can be transmitted by bodily contact like long kissing. In a number of cases, syphilis is spread by homosexual couple. This infection can also be passed from a pregnant woman who suffers the disease to fetus during her pregnancy. That condition results congenital syphilis, which can cause the

  • Argumentative Essay: Circumcision In America

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    head of the penis, is forcefully separated from the glans and then cut off. With the use of circumcision, individuals may receive this procedure due to medical emergencies or it is recommended for Americans to reduce the risk of contracting certain diseases such as STIs, HIV, AIDS, or certain cancers. Are there more benefits than risks to circumcision or are human rights to consent influencing Americans not to have the procedure? On the other hand, Americans see that young children do not have the right

  • Chlamydia Research Paper

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    Among the millions of Americans that are sexually active a sweeping pathogen is hard at work. Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted bacterial infection, has topped the list on a global scale as being the most prevalent sexually transmitted infection (STI). One of the key reasons for this is that this bacterium has the ability to go unnoticed, and as a result, leaves in its wake numerous infected hosts who in turn unknowingly spread the disease further. Screening practices for chlamydia along with

  • Nursing Case Study Chlamydia

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    knowledge on the causation and effects of numerous diseases that impact the field of epidemiology. A disease that deserves utmost attention is Chlamydia as it severely affects women. This case study is enabling us to explore the effectiveness and efficiency of tests that may be used to curb the problem of this sexually transmitted disease. Chlamydia is very prevalent globally and it is feared by many and yet still there are so many unreported cases of the disease. According to research from the CDC, Chlamydia