Birth Control Pills Pros And Cons

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Birth control is the use of multiple methods in order to reduces the chances of pregnancy. This could be done through the use of contraceptives which are various devices or drugs that try inhibit pregnancy. The importance of birth control also involves the physical protection of the two parties involved. Having unprotected sexual intercourse may result in sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, AIDS, HPV and syphilis. One of the most popular methods for mens contraception would be the use of condoms, vasectomy and withdrawal method also known as “pulling out”. The most popular birth control method for women are birth control pills. Birth control pills can reduce the chances of pregnancy. The pill can have other benefits. One survey found that more than half of women who take birth control pills do so for reasons other than avoiding pregnancy. In my opinion the best birth control method is the condom because it can prevent sexually …show more content…

With traditional birth control pills, you will take three weeks of hormone-containing active pills, followed by one week of inactive pills. You 'll get your period the week you the inactive pills. With a type called extended-cycle, you take active pills for a longer amount of time. Most often you 'll take three months of active pills before taking a break. That means you have your period only three or four times a year. The benefits of birth control pills are that your menstrual cycle shorter and lighter. Because women produce male hormones some may produce more than others. By taking the birth control pill it reduces the amount of male hormones released and this can lead to less body and facial hair growth. However the pill is not one hundred percent effective. It is also good to wear a condom. It is important to take the pill every twelve hours upon the first time you take it. Otherwise you should not have unprotected sex if you forget to take the

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