Thesis Statement For Birth Control Pill And Contraceptives

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Birth Control pills are a sort of drug that ladies can take every day to anticipate pregnancy. They are additionally frequently called "the pill" or oral contraception (Rowan 2011) Hormones are compound substances that control the working of the body 's organs. For this situation, the hormones in the Pill control the ovaries and the uterus.

Thesis Statement:
Despite the fact that the viability of birth control pills made it the best technique for anticipating pregnancy, it causes various unsafe reactions other than the symptoms that the medicinal group has persuaded in subsequently it must be expelled from general utilization.

Body Paragraph 1- Pro argument #1 (At least two in-text references required)
Topic sentence 1:
Birth control pills ought to be banned in light of the fact that the anticonception medication pill and different contraceptives are making ladies wiped out, handicapping them, and actually executing them. (Jackson 2005)

Supporting Detail (a):
Birth control medication pills are hazardous, taking the pill builds a lady 's danger of hypertension, blood clumps, strokes, heart assaults, liver tumours and gallstones. Some of these conditions can be lethal, yet the danger of encountering any of them is low. (McNeil 2008)
Supporting Detail (b):
Studies have interfaced taking the pill to an expanded danger of bosom and cervical growth, while others demonstrate
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