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  • Fetus Surgeries Case Study

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    Merei Zhakanova Extra credit Write a report on fetus surgeries, including potential (nonexisting) applications. Until the last few decades there were only few possibilities available for the parents in case fetus has been diagnosed with a congenital malformation. They include the following: termination of pregnancy, change in mode, timing or place of delivery and continuation of pregnancy till term with vaginal of Cesarean delivery. Nevertheless, new options have appeared recently, comprising fetal

  • Smoking Influence On Fetus Pros And Cons

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    possibly have detrimental effects on the fetus. In a study pictures of 20 fetuses were taken from weeks 24 to 36. Four of the pregnant mothers smoked 14 cigarettes a day and the other 16 were non-smokers. The study was performed by Dr. Nadja Reissland of England’s Durham University and it showed that a fetus whose mother chose to smoke during her pregnancy touches his or her face a lot more than a fetus’s whose mother did not smoke during her pregnancy. A fetus touching its face is common, but only

  • Describe The Factors That Affect The Health Of The Fetus Essay

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    Describe factors that affect the health of the fetus Introduction Complications that occur in pregnancy can affect both the mother and the child in negative ways. In this essay I am going to talk about complications that can occur during pregnancy and how the complications can affect both the mother and the child, I am also going to talk about both the symptoms and the treatments for conditions that can be caused due to complications in pregnancy. Complications in pregnancy There are lots

  • Sax's A Fetus Dream

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    person who tries to self-destruct or commit suicide due to lack of acceptance. The narrator says “it is not what drove your body like a stolen car/why you abandoned it on this unreasonable ledge” (19). I loved and enjoyed the complexity of Thacker’s “A Fetus Dreams…” Starting from the title “Tenement” and the first line’s “masonry,” the whole poem builds an empire of meaning and imagery. I love the juxtaposition of brain, Metis, Adam, Eve because it builds a house of foolish wisdom. The Biblical allusion

  • Don Marquis's 'Why Abortion Is Immoral'

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    By failing to define the terms ‘fetus’ and ‘standard fetus’, he leaves open for interpretation not only the moral significance of the terms, but also their strength in relation to his argument. Marquis assumes that the fetus has a future that is just as valuable as that of an adult yet fails to grant the fetus the same moral status as an adult. This lack of consistency along with the falsity of his claims weakens his argument

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Prenatal Ultrasound

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    The past 67 years, the prenatal ultrasound has been around. The prenatal ultrasound is used to ensure the health of a fetus that is developing into a baby. An ultrasound sends sound waves into the body and receives the echoing waves to make an accurate image of the baby, the placement and the sounds that are in the whom. Ultrasound can determine how far along you are, the gender of the baby, and even if the baby has a disability such as Down syndrome. Some of the information that an ultrasound can

  • Argument Against Abortion Is Murder

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    bortion can be defined as the deliberate causing of the death of a fetus, either by directly killing it or by causing its expulsion from the womb before it is "viable." With "the killing of an innocent human being without his/her consent is murder" and "abortion is the killing of an innocent human being without his/her consent" are premises to an argument with a conclusion of "Abortion is murder." Lets break down the first premise. This premise is correct by saying that it is not right to murder

  • Planned Parenthood Vs. Wade

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    attempts have been made to define the term fetus. Scholars have attempted to use both biological and psychological aspects, some have gone further to outline characteristics and conditions that define a fetus (Garrett et al., 2011). Others have tied the developmental aspects related to viability, birth and conception. The United States Supreme Court definition provides an alternate decision. The case of Planned Parenthood vs. Casey and Roe vs. Wade best defines a fetus in terms of viability (Nocon, 2010)

  • Analysis Of Judith Thomson's A Defense Of Abortion

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    break into your house and steal something from you. A fetus has no bad intent and is a victim of circumstance in this situation. A burglar is an adult that has the ability to use reason and understands that there are consequences to his actions of burglary. People that support abortion often cite the fact that abortion is permissible because a fetus has no rational capacities like children and adults do. This same way of thinking means that a fetus has no choice or ability to make decision when it comes

  • The Pros And Methods Of Abortion

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    of pregnancy through the expulsion or driving out from the womb of a hatchling or developing life before it has the capacity make due by and by. A fetus removal can happen suddenly, in which case it is regularly called an unsuccessful labor. It can likewise be intentionally brought on in which case it is known as an incited fetus removal. The term fetus removal most regularly alludes to the instigated premature birth of a human pregnancy. The comparative methodology after the baby may have the capacity

  • Critical Analysis Of Abortion

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    2. What is abortion? The definitions of abortion vary from one source to another. Nevertheless, it refers to the termination of a pregnancy. ‘Abortion’ is ending of the pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo from the womb before it can survive on its own. This can occur either spontaneously or due to human intervention. When an abortion is caused purposely, then it is called an induced abortion. When it happens due to natural causes, it is a

  • Rosalind Hursthouse Abortion Case Study

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    case study with the Thompson’s, Hursthouse would relate it to the relevance of the familiar biological facts and how pregnancy is a known result of sexual intercourse. The fact that Linda’s fetus is four months old would not be of relevance in Hursthouse’s opinion as clear lines are not visible as to when the fetus is attached and developed. The main focus of Hursthouse would be to question whether the abortion would be a result of a person acting “virtuously or viciously or neither” (Hursthouse 474)

  • Singer's Utilitarianism

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    Utilitarianism: Singer’s Double Edged Sword Abortion poses no ethical risk to humanity. Hence why there are strong supporters of abortion, such as Peter Singer. In his work, “Taking Life: The Embryo and the Fetus,” he favors of the ethics of abortion through his utilitarian views. That is, if the argument is seen through the lens of Prior Existence Utilitarianism. Undoubtedly, this is due to its counterpart: Total Utilitarianism. Notably, this type of utilitarianism undermines the argument, devolving

  • Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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    Abortion is the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy. It is considered a very delicate subject and even sometimes taboo among the population. Thus in some countries it is very likely to happen. According to Alan Guttmacher’s Institute report: Sharing Responsibility Women, Society and Abortion Worldwide, China has the leading number of abortions with 7,930,000 each year. If we translate it, 26.1 per 1000 women arelikely to have an abortion. (GUTTMACHER 1999).In

  • Pro Life Essay On Abortion

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    Abortion is the intention to end or terminate a human pregnancy by removing the fetus from the woman’s uterus. Abortion has been and is currently a very controversial topic that has plagued humanity and the medical field for decades and even centuries. From this ethical dilemma, you have people who are for abortion and against abortion for reasons that have been rooted from various perspectives. These two groups have been regarded as pro-choice and pro-life. People who are against abortion often

  • The Three Main Stages Of Infant Development

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    The shaping process of an infant is an extremely complicated and lovely process that last around 40 weeks sometime shorter or longer than the 40 week with the early fertilization of the egg and completion with the birth of the child. This occurs in three (3) main stages which are the: Germinal, Embryonic and fetal stage. Throughout each of these stages important development occurs. I will be explaining each of these stages describing what takes place during each stage and the time frame of when it

  • Is Abortion Ethically Wrong

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    taken lightly, but should be the woman’s choice, and no one else’s. It is not up to one group of people to decide what is ethically appropriate for everyone else. Frankley, the pro-life movement is sexist and abortions are justifiable because the fetus is not yet a person. In the Journal Of Philosophy, Don Marquis wrote an article

  • Summary Of Arguments Against Abortion

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    Did you know that about 22 million unsafe and illegalized abortions take place every year all over the world? And about 50 thousand women die due to these unsafe abortions? Abortion is the procedure of losing the fetus, whether naturally due to medical issues or by a mother’s or parents’ will. It is a debate that never comes to a resolution as people’s opinions and perspectives differ according to their beliefs, education, and upbringing. Various opinions that are worth thinking and considering

  • Pros And Cons Of Roe Vs. Wade

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    law in others. Prior to the case it was the state that determined the legality of abortions. Jane Roe, (alias), was an unmarried and pregnant Texas citizen in 1970. She wanted to have an abortion, but Texas abortion law made it a felony to abort a fetus unless “on medical advice for the purpose of saving the life of the mother.” Roe filed suit against Wade, the district attorney of Dallas County, Texas to challenge the law outlawing abortion. At the time, many states had outlawed abortion except

  • Ultrasound Sonography Case Study

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    The fetus is definitely still inside the uterus (based usually on an exam using ultrasound), but the outcome of your pregnancy is still in question. This may occur if you have an infection, such as aurinary tract infection, become dehydrated, use certain drugs or medications, have been involved in physical trauma, if the developing fetus is abnormal in some way, or for no apparent reason at all. Other than these reasons