Moral Status Of Fetus Case Study

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A Case Study on Moral Status
The debate about moral status of the fetus continues between the medical practitioners (scientists) and the Christians. Ethical issues about the value attached to the life of a fetus raise a huge debate among diverse groups of philosophers and the Christians. The issue has brought many political and moral debates on a wide range of bioethics, including abortion (Hedgecoe, 2004). This paper gives an analysis of different view and approaches to the moral status of the fetus.
Which Theory or Theories Are Being Used
Dr. Wilson is using the postmodern approach of nursing theory which is based on a number of philosophical theories that do not attach so much value to the life of a fetus. The philosophical ethicists do not consider the fetus to be part of a human being since it is yet to be (Harris, 2001). Marco is also ready to support the doctor’s recommendation for action that Jessica should do abortion. The doctor does not consider abortion as a violation of any ethical right or moral since in his view, it is a way of helping the patient recover as well as help her gain independence as soon as possible. In the efforts to achieve this, the doctor can take all actions including bringing the individual, whether sick or …show more content…

The Christian bible and to be specific the book of Jeremiah teaches that life begins in the womb, “I chose you while in your mother’s womb.” This is a clear evidence to belief that the fetus is human, with moral status like any other person and is protected by human rights. The bible attaches moral worth to the fetus despite its physical disabilities. The lack of fully developed body organs (in this case the limbs) does not devalue the worth of the fetus. The Down’s syndrome that the fetus may develop is going to lead to dependence but look, the bible teaches that all life is holy and there should be no shedding of innocent blood. Abortion is therefore a violation of the right to life and Jessica should not

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