Is Abortion Morally Permissible

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The debate whether abortion is morally permissible or not permissible is commonly discussed between the considerations of the status of a fetus and ones virtue theory. A widely recognized theory of pro-choice advocates can be thought to be that their ethical view is that fetus’s merely are not humans because they lack the right to life since they believe a fetus does not obtain any sort of mental functions or capability of feelings. Although this may be true in some cases it is not in all so explaining the wrongness of killing, between the common debates whether a fetus does or does not obtain human hood, should be illustrated in a way of a virtuous theory. The wrongness of killing is explained by what the person or fetus is deprived of, such as their right to life; not by means of a heart beat or function of one’s body, but by the fact that it takes their ability of potentially growing into a person to have the same human characteristics as we do. …show more content…

An example for a claim such as this one would be that a person wants to be liked or loved by an individual’s acts of kindness and for the person that individual is, not for being liked or loved for looks or monetary expressions (Garrett). I argue that explaining the wrongness of killing by means of rights in which are given or not given to a fetus is unjustifiable because abortion cases still occur in both sides of the debate of whether it is permissible or not. I make this claim because some individuals who agree with the wrongness of killing still resort to abortion methods to either save the mother or because of their financial

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