Argumentative Essay Abortion

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The conflict over abortion in America has been a major social problem in our nation for decades. During the 1960 's and 70 's with the coinciding civil rights movement and women’s rights movement, abortion became the new national issue that we still see today between two opposing ideologies, grouped into sides coined as pro-life and pro-choice. It is one of the biggest debates over whose morals and beliefs are adequate for our society that make the abortion issue such a controversial and divisive one. Each side believes that their views and beliefs are what we are a society should follow and belief. One key controversies on the issue of abortion is centered on the question of when life begins. Some advocates which are known as pro-life …show more content…

Furthermore, those advocates believe that the fetus is not a person, but rather a potential person, and as such it is not entitled to the same rights under the law as everyone else is. The pro-life side argues that the most effective and appropriate contraceptive method is abstinence, or in some cases family planning. Most pro-life supporters argue that contraceptives may encourage teens to be sexually active and in turn leads to a high rate of teen pregnancies. Although they are aware that contraceptive methods are readily available and can help reduce the number of abortions, yet they disagree with them because of moral and social grounds. Pro-choice advocates stand strongly against the restriction to access of non-surgical abortions and emergency contraceptives to women. In 2000, the FDA approved RU 486, also known as mifepristone, gives women the option to end an unintended pregnancy without surgery. Plan B, which is referred to as the morning-after pill does not disrupt existing pregnancies, but prevents the female body by ovulation, fertilization of an egg or implantation in the

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