Argumentative Essay On Pro Choice

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Doris Gudino Professor Chounlamountry Political Science 1 27 July 2015 Pro-Choice Anyone? A woman has, undoubtedly, the freedom to procreate, but once a woman chooses to retreat from that freedom, a commotion arises. Abortion is a woman’s choice for many reasons. It’s her body, therefore, no one else can decide for said person. She may have family and or financial problems preventing her from being able to properly care for the child. Women are forced to hear both sides of the debate and feel the intensity of a decision. Abortion is the said woman’s private decision and should not be stopped by any law. Only the woman herself knows her body, so abortion is a choice based solely on her feelings. The court case of Roe vs Wade established that …show more content…

[They hope for “pro-lifers” to join pro-choice activists in preventing unwanted pregnancies.](Wolf, 1997). They feel that a common ground can be met to which these debates will no longer exist. They realize the other side’s arguments and understand some of the cruelty. They still believe in a woman’s choice but wish to prevent pregnancies all together and stop all of the arguments. Abortion has many sides, but a woman’s choice is what needs to be protected. It is her body and life. She shouldn’t deal with laws preventing her from living it. Her child needs to be able to grow up safely and wanted or else she can’t be happy conceiving it. There are court cases proving it is a woman’s private matter amongst her and her family. No one can decide for her. Works Cited Jost, Kenneth. "Abortion Debates." CQ Researcher 10 Sept. 2010: 725-48. Web. 27 July 2015. Jost, Kenneth. "Abortion Debates." CQ Researcher 21 Mar. 2003: 249-72. Web. 27 July 2015. Jost, Kenneth, and Kathy Koch. "Abortion Showdowns." CQ Researcher 22 Sept. 2006: 769-92. Web. 27 July 2015 Glazer, S. (1997, November 28). Roe v. Wade at 25. CQ Researcher, 7, 1033-1056. Retrieved from Wanlund, William. "Abortion Debates." CQ Researcher 21 Mar. 2014: 265-88. Web. 27 July

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