Summary Of I Was Pro Life Before I Became A Nurse By Carrie Denny

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Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice It seems that in today’s media there is a constant battle between the pro-life and pro-choice organizations, each of which have their own side and story to tell. “I Was Pro-Life Until I Became a Nurse” by Carrie Denny is an article written by woman who agreed with the Pro-Life movement until she attended nursing school. Denny’s nursing instructor one day shared with her an experience that left her believing she needed to reevaluate her beliefs and where she stood on the issue of abortion. I find Carrie Denny’s story about her transition of beliefs very heart-touching and I hope that her article can also help others realize what it means to be pro-choice. Carrie Denny grew up in a very small town in Tennessee where the …show more content…

Her patient was only 15 and had attempted suicide because her parents had disowned her after becoming pregnant with an unexpected pregnancy. The child’s parents had even filed a court order to have the pregnancy terminated. This child had been abandoned by everyone and had her child taken from her, not by her choice. Denny’s instructor was then placed in a tough situation: to support her patient or to turn her back on her like all the others have done. Of course, like any good nurse, she chose to support her …show more content…

She realized that she would encounter many patients facing many troubles. She began to wonder, “How can you empower women to make better choices for themselves that wouldn't lead to certain things like abortion? Or how can we teach them to be OK with their decision to abort, and move forward with their lives and have a family later? How can we keep the abortion procedure safe and done correctly by providers to protect the fertility of American women for the future?” (Denny, Screen 4) Denny then thinks back to a time when she had a patient who had miscarried at fourteen weeks. The fetus was never expected to live outside of the womb and it was known it would not have made it to full term. Her patient was heartbroken and wished she had terminated the pregnancy ahead of time. Unfortunately, abortion was never an option discussed or offered. Had abortion been considered, Denny’s patient would have had to face the grief of losing a child or would have taken the toll it had on her

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