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Annotated Bibliography "Abortion" ProConorg Headlines. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Apr. 2016. This website is sponsored by Google and is used to argue both sides of many controversial issues. It is meant for readers that are for and against abortion or those that have not decided what side to choose. This website provides the pros and cons of abortion, background information, and videos related to the topic. They include that the Supreme Court believes abortion should be a fundamental right to women, however, abortion is also seen as the murder of an innocent, vulnerable, human being yet to be born. Pro-abortionists believe women rights outweigh fetus rights and anti-abortionists believe it causes embryos pain and is unfair to people that …show more content…

When being revised, OBOS sends the article to 15-20 health experts to be read and edited. Obos is considered the most thorough and well-researched women 's health informative. This article provides information about what happened before and after abortion was legalized in the U.S. Women during the late 1900’s found ways around an illegal abortion such as underground clinics or self harm. In 1973, Roe V. Wade’s principles were adopted by the Supreme Court and made abortion legal in the U.S. The state was granted access to control abortion only to protect the health of women. Different organizations, such as Abortion Counseling Service of the Chicago Women 's Liberation Union, and people fought to make abortion legal and found illegal abortion practices that were safer and cheaper. Background information pertaining to abortion is valuable to understand the views for and against abortion years before …show more content…

Tradition Family Property Student Action is a youtube account that defends moral values. They believe in Pro-Life, Pro-marriage, gender equality, social equality etc. They focus on being morally correct rather than scientifically correct. Their purpose is to travel around college campuses and discuss their thoughts of world wide issues. They provide great examples and back it up with evidence. They talked about seven lies pro-choicers believe but are morally incorrect. For example, pro-abortionist believe abortions are needed to prevent overpopulation. When in reality, America and many other countries are below the replacement rate needed to have a steady population. They provided evidence of doctors that confirm their argument that human life begins at the beginning of conception. This source is most valuable for my essay because it helped me understand the views of pro-life. I can use those views as apart of my counter argument because they have many valid

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