The Benefits Of Roe V. Wade

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A women’s right to personally decide what she wants done to her body in any medical situation has been something they have fought for many years. On January 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court set a precedent that gave women that right. Along with this right to decide came the legalization of medical abortions. This is a subject that affects all American citizens nowadays, both men and women, because of the recent protests such as the Women’s March on Washington. As citizens of the United States, men and women alike, we know the historical past of what women have fought for and what rights they have been given due to that fight. If Roe v. Wade, the case that gave women the right to make their own personal medical decisions, were overturned, what …show more content…

Wade has been beneficial to our nation in more ways than one. According to, “The ability to make this personal healthcare decision has also enabled women to pursue educational and employment opportunities that were often unthinkable prior to Roe.” This statement is exactly why this famous case should not be overturned. Sarah Weddington, the youngest woman that was on the Roe v. Wade case, said in an interview with The Guardian that although states do not have the capability to make abortions illegal, they do have the ability to make access to them near to impossible. eddington also mentioned that there is a vacancy in the Supreme Court and with all of the older male judges, if a few pro-life judges were to be elected in, our right to abortion could be at stake. (qtd. in …show more content…

Wade were to be overturned because pro-life judges were elected in, there is proof to believe that women would begin self-inducing abortions and the mortality rates would rise. Proof of this comes from an article from November 2015 in The Atlantic. Olga Khazan writes that since the 2013 law in Texas was passed stating that “the states abortion clinics [must] meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers and [that] their doctors [must] have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital,” 100,000 and 240,000 women in Texas (ages 18-49) have attempted to self-induce an abortion. You do not need to be a medical doctor or medically trained to know that a self-induced abortion is extremely harmful to both the woman and the fetus. There are several ways a woman could self-induce an abortion: herbals, street corner drugs, and self-induced. Herbal abortions could cause problems because chemicals in a plant can vary from year to year which would in turn bring about the problem of ineffective amounts of overdosing. ( Street corner drugs, despite just sounding dangerous, can actually cause more problems than one might think. Although people have gotten lucky and received the correct drug and directions, this is extremely rare. says that, “[t]he most frequent problem is that the drugs you find are phony, look-a-like tablets, imported from a foreign country and do not contain any medication that would cause an abortion. Sometimes these

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