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Planned Parenthood is more than just an abortion clinic When people think of Planned Parenthood, their mind goes straight to abortion. Americans believe that all Planned Parenthood does is perform abortions, which is a very flawed misconception. The non-profit organization does a lot more than that, they promote safe sex, prevent unplanned pregnancies, provide preventive care and screening for cervical and other cancers. I think that it’s important that we continue funding Planned Parenthood because without it women in America will be left without important resources. Resources that could provide them with valuable information to prevent serious health issues. I am concerned about taking away their funding because it would leave low-income …show more content…

I am a strong proponent for the wide availability of family planning methods, and women having the choice of if and when they want to become pregnant. I believe that in order for women to be involved with family planning, they need to have contraceptives like birth control readily available to them. Contraceptives are necessary in the world that we live in as they allow women to not have to deal with unplanned pregnancies. It’s also important to realize that some women, who need birth control, don’t have the financial resources to afford the high pharmacy costs. Planned Parenthood is ideal for these women as they are given access to affordable birth control. I also believe that through family planning, women’s health approves and so does the status of women in the community. Their health and status approves since women have access to Planned Parenthood where they are empowered to make educated decisions about sexual and reproductive health. Planned Parenthood clinics serve a majority of women receiving publicly funded contraceptive services and no longer having these clinics would play key roles in many women’s lives. By defunding Planned Parenthood, women will have to find new places to get contraceptives but they may not find a place they can afford and, in turn, don’t feel the need to continue using contraceptives. By not practicing safe sex, women are in danger …show more content…

I find that just preaching abstinence, as the only way to go is not effective sexual education. It’s key that we teach about birth control and Sexually Transmitted Infections as our society is becoming more sexually active so it’s important that they learn how to have safe sex. Planned Parenthood encourages its patients to make informed decisions and provide an environment where they feel comfortable to ask any questions. If people don’t practice safe sex, they are at risk of getting a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIs). Through Planned Parenthood, they are able to come and receive STI testing at affordable prices and if needed, treatment. A perfect example is when a sexually active female college student feels as if she’s at risk for a STI, she is able to get tested at Planned Parenthood and receive treatment. College students are unable to afford healthcare so Planned Parenthood provides them with a clinic that they are able to afford and receive the care they need. Through the organization, they are also able to become further educated on safe sex and will take the necessary precautions in the future. College students will also see Planed Parenthood as a place where they can get their questions about sex

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