Arguments Against Planned Parenthood

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Many people would argue that if the government were to stop funding Planned Parenthood that thousands of women would lose access to the medical care they need, but this is simply not true. There are alternative options to Planned Parenthood that provide safe primary care treatment, contraception, sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing, and cancer screenings. In the article “If Planned Parenthood goes, where do women go?” Charles C. Camosy, an associate professor of theological and social ethics at Fordham University, states, “Rather than the one-size-fits-all franchise approach of Planned Parenthood, these community health centers nicely embody the principle of subsidiarity in responding to the diverse local needs of women — whether in …show more content…

Planned Parenthood 2008 employee of the year, Abby Johnson, worked at a clinic in Texas for eight years and served as director of the clinic for more than two years and during this time she experienced first-hand, the cold-hearted acts of the Planned Parenthood organization. Johnson started at Planned Parenthood because she was passionate about helping poor women receive the medical treatment they deserve. It was for this same reason that she left Planned Parenthood with a complete change of heart because she realized the real drive behind the organization. After leaving Planned Parenthood, Abby Johnson wrote an article titled “Exposing the Planned Parenthood business model” and in this article she outlines the things she saw that eventually turned her against Planned Parenthood, starting with the lack of care for women’s health and safety. In this article Johnson states, “Planned Parenthood is also spending a lot of money convincing its primary income providers – taxpayers – that its highest priority is women's health and safety. Live Action and the Expose Planned Parenthood coalition released numerous undercover videos showing clinic staff aiding and abetting alleged sex traffickers in exploiting underage girls – some as young as 14.” Planned Parenthood taking part in this kind of unspeakable behavior goes against any statement that says their first priority is women’s health and safety. I find it shocking that people actually support this organization after accusations of exploiting underage girls. Unfortunately, behavior like this within the Planned Parenthood organization is not uncommon. Planned Parenthood is constantly trying to convince the people of this country that women’s health and safety is their main goal. Johnson explains the truth about

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