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Three percent of Planned Parenthood’s patient care is dedicated to abortions. However when most people think of Planned Parenthood abortion is the first thing to come to mind. People fail to realize that 35 percent of Planned Parenthoods patient care is dedicated to contraception, and 35 percent is dedicated to treatment of sexually transmitted disease (STD) treatments. Not to mention 16 percent of their care is put towards to cancer screening and treatment. People have come to the conclusion that Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded because they provide abortions, and also because of their involvement in selling fetuses to stem cell research. Should they be defunded? Should their funds for such things like birth control or mammograms be …show more content…

Last year Planned Parenthood affiliates around the country received $528.4 million in a combination of government funds. The funds came from the federal, state, and in some cases local governments. This money was given to Planned Parenthood for everything but abortions. People however are under the impression that all that money goes to abortions. They fail to realize that federal dollars are not used, and cannot be used to provide an abortion. The government has banned that by law in almost all cases since 1976 (The details of the ban have shifted over time). Instead, the organization uses money from other sources like private donors, or foundations as well as actual fees to fund the services. The funds they receive from the government go to the other 97% of the organization. The funds they receive from the government are needed. Planned Parenthood offers many of their patient’s free treatment or exams for cancer and STD’s. This causes the need for government funds. Another thing People also argue is that they shouldn’t be funded when they sell baby parts. However, they’re giving the unborn fetus to research facilities. Facilities that research things like stem cells. Also only one percent of all the Planned Parenthood’s do this. Patients often are the deciders in whether or not they should donate the fetus too. They do receive funds but they have to pay for …show more content…

They do deserve to be funded by the government. They dedicate themselves to helping the public with many things from STD testing and treatment to cancer screenings. Their care is more focused on health care and pregnancy preventions than on abortion. With only three percent of their work involving abortions and 97 percent involving other thing they should receive

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