Pros And Cons Of Defunding Planned Parenthood

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The taking of life, the extermination of a sack of cells: abortions, no matter what you side on when you hear “Planned Parenthood,” you think abortions. There's a wide misconception that Planned Parenthood does mostly abortion services; and with the Pro choice/ Pro life people debating on defunding them or not this is why we shouldn't defund pph. 3% of Planned Parenthood services are abortions, Contrary to popular myth. The other 97% is for other health related services. Such as Ob/Gyn visits, birth control, mammograms, STD tests, health education programs, diabetes and anemia screenings, physical exams and much more. PPH has helped women in many ways. For example, with their program Title X. What is Title X? Title X is a program that …show more content…

1 out of 5 every 5 American women have visited a PPH at least once, Which is a big number of women if you think about it. Many will oppose me and bring up how we should defund planned parenthood because they still perform abortions which, in religious terms, is morally wrong. But defunding Planned Parenthood threatens millions of men and women's chances of any health care. It also won't stop abortions, it will encourage the practice of at-home abortions or them being performed by someone who isn't licensed. The money Planned Parenthood gets from the government doesn't even go towards abortions. It goes towards Health Services. Planned Parenthood does affordable STD tests, that if it gets defunded means less people will have access to affordable tests. For example, when Vice President Mike Pence was Governor of Indiana, he cut funds for Planned Parenthood. That shut down the only HIV testing center in Scott county. Shortly after, a HIV epidemic spread that county and then other parts of Indiana. They had to declare a Public Health Emergency in early 2015 for Indiana. Which affects Kentucky because we are the state directly under Indiana. The HIV Epidemic could spread

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