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What is the butterfly effect? The butterfly effect is a phenomenon whereby a minute complex system can have large effects elsewhere else. What would be the effects be if Planned Parenthood stopped getting their funding from the government? The reason people want to defund it is for the mere fact that Planned Parenthood does abortions and is federally funded by the government. People have religious reasons and personal reasons for not wanting Planned Parenthood funded. But, if the government decides to defund it what would the consequences be? Women and men not getting affordable health care. Planned Parenthood can help you get an STD test, get birth control, and pap smear tests. Although the organization does get funding for those examples …show more content…

Should Planned Parenthood have their funding taken away because of a common practice. Many people are against abortions and do not want their tax dollars going towards killing a life. What about politics? Should they play a role? Of course politics do play a role in it when comes to this topic. In the article, A poll was made about Republicans and Democrats, it said that 89% of Democrats didn’t want Planned Parenthood to stop the funding while only 59% of Republicans said that it should be (Most Americans Oppose Planned Parenthood). (Even though they help out with birth control, STD testing, and health care for women, men, and teens).
On the Planned Parenthood website it states that people can “get an STD kit in the mail in discrete packaging,” and they provide birth control in discrete packaging too. Even if people don’t want to go to the health facility then, they can still order it online. Some states offer this option like Alaska, Idaho, Minnesota, and Washington on ordering birth control online on setting up an appointment with a video …show more content…

In an article written by Danielle Paquette, a writer for The Washington Post, she wrote in her Washington Post article, that, “The CBO, congressional budget office, a nonpartisan watchdog, estimates defunding Planned Parenthood, which serves roughly 2.6 million women, would lead to more unplanned births as patients lost access to birth control. Medicaid would cover some of those births, the report asserts, and some of those children would qualify for Medicaid and other welfare programs” (What Happens if Congress Ends Funding). So, even if this is an estimation would you want to risk

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