Planned Parenthood Case Study

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The Constitution was written to give the United States government structure. The Constitution grants rights to the federal government, but also to the individual people. The Griswold v Connecticut case first came about from a law enacted in 1879 by the state of Connecticut. The law stated “Any person who uses any drug, medicinal article or instrument for the purposes of preventing conception shall be fined not less than forty dollars or imprisoned not less than sixty days”. This prevented people in the state of Connecticut to be unable to use any type, or method of birth control. It wasn’t until the Griswold v Connecticut case that the law was finally annulled.

Estell Griswold was the executive director of the company Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is an institution that …show more content…

Planned Parenthood had saved many lives and ultimately changed the way the American society thinks about safe sex. The majority of the United States takes Planned Parenthood Institutional teachings reliable, and affective. If this law did succeed against Griswold, the United States as a whole would be different in contraceptives. It would not be a right for both men and women to use contraceptives and protect themselves if it wasn't for Griswold that stood up against the Connecticut law. A devastating impact on society would take away peoples rights to be able to prevent from getting pregnant. If condoms were outlawed, how would the people essentially have prevention from diseases. This is what Griswold stood for and protected the people of Connecticut from. If the law had passed it would have a really detrimental affect on us today, and we are very fortunate that the law that they were proposing does not exist in today’s society. Griswold stood for the people of Connecticut and for the greater good of the American Society. America is forever positively changed since the result of Griswolds actions in

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