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Abortion Abortion is a medical way to end a pregnancy. It is performed at clinics or at home, with the latter being very dangerous. Methods practiced at clinics include getting the fetus vacuumed out, inducing a false and early labor, taking medicine to induce the fetus out. The safety of a procedure is completely dependant on the individual who is performing it. An unskilled medic will result in an unsafe procedure,and vise versa. In places where safe, legal, clinical abortions are illegal many women perform them by themselves at home, which is very risky and can result in severe infection, and even death. The pro-life stance on abortion is the belief that abortion is equivalent to murder. The ideology behind the stance is based off of …show more content…

This includes abortions, birth control, STD/STI treatment, sexual education, pregnancy help, and overall health and wellness. Many are against the organization because it is commonly associated with the abortions it performs, but it has a lot more to offer as stated in the former. The federal government mostly funds Planned Parenthood through Medicaid Reimbursements, but many want to end this because of the abortion issue. I believe that the federal government should fund Planned Parenthood because they provide a plethora of services that are beneficial to all women, and even men. To define the organization would strip away sexual education, and easily accessible sexual health care for millions of Americans which are detrimental. The whole organization should not be terminated over one controversial …show more content…

It is common for this to be performed for the purpose of viewing the fetus is there is reason to. The term “Partial Abortion” was coined in the United States and is not a medical term, but a politically charged term for the procedure. There are no greater risks than a non intact abortion procedure, but it is more controversial because the fetus is intact, so it is, in the pro-life stance, infanticide. Infanticide is the killing of newborns or infants, which pro-life supporters believe fetuses are. I believe it should be allowed, as there are no greater risks than nonintact abortions. If there is reason to view the fetus , and the individual receiving the abortion is consenting to it, it is

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