The Necessity Of Planned Parenthood

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Although women are the people responsible for populating the future generations, their health care is always on the backburner. Some people believe that women should not have the rights to their own body, and in turn have no access to reproductive care, or healthcare in general. Planned Parenthood has been mercilessly attacked by the government because of Congress’ belief on these issues. Right now, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), women have legal and full access to breast and cervical cancer screenings, STI testing, birth control, and abortions in cases of rape, incest, and endangerment to the mother’s life. All of these services are also covered by Planned Parenthood, a center that is designed for women’s health. If the Affordable Care…show more content…
GOP lawmakers are trying to shut down Planned Parenthood clinics across the country, on the basis that all they do is provide abortions. On the contrary, only three percent of Planned Parenthood services are abortions. They provide a variety of services for both men and women , including general health care and sex health. Some general health care includes cholesterol, high blood pressure, and anemia screening, cancer testing, vaccines, and physical exams. They try to make it as accessible and as affordable as they can, and accept most health care insurance, so that even low income men and women are able to get sufficient healthcare. Planned Parenthood also offers many different sexual and reproductive health services for both men and women. For women, they offer birth control, the contraceptive pill, STD testing, pregnancy care, and abortions when needed. They also offer screenings for breast, cervical, and ovarian cancer. Contrary to popular belief, they also offer sexual health services for men, including condoms, vasectomies, colon, prostate, and testicular cancer screenings, erectile dysfunction treatment, and STD screenings. Many people believe that Planned Parenthood is only for women getting abortions. On the other hand, Planned Parenthood offers many services for both men and women that are essential to their health and well being at a low cost. Without Planned Parenthood, many men and women…show more content…
They believe that the Planned Parenthood clinic is immoral and has even been called a “scandal-plagued organization” by Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), because of their “lack of compassion towards women and unborn children.” Congress claims that there will be no reduction to the funding of women’s health, only that it will go to a clinic that does not provide abortion services. The problem with this new plan is that many low-income women rely on Planned Parenthood for most of their healthcare services, and defunding the clinic would leave these women with no service. Although Republican congressmen claim that there are 9,000 other clinics around the country that provide women’s healthcare without providing abortions, they are still diminishing the amount of services that women have around the country. Not to mention that abortion is a basic and essential health need for women all around the world. Lawmakers are trying to regulate women’s bodies, and in turn, giving dead bodies more rights to their body than to pregnant women. Women may not be able to afford the maternity care that comes with being pregnant, especially if maternity care becomes not covered by insurance. They also may not have the time or energy to be pregnant for nine months, if they are in high school or college or have a demanding job that pregnancy limits them from doing. It is a right for women to be able to have control over
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