Sociological Theory Of Abortion Essay

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Abortion is a huge problem, not just in the United States but also all over the world. Abortion is a termination of a pregnancy, usually within the first 28 weeks. Some people believe abortion is murder, while others believe it is not. Abortion is a social problem. In order to be a social problem, the issue must affect a group of people. People who are pro-life, believe abortion should not be legal, while some people believe that the fetus is not a living person therefore it should be legal. There are also people who are in the middle, they are neutral, they are neither for or against abortions. If abortion is illegal then it will still happen. Women would still find a way to still have abortions but, they will be taking a greater risk in having them done. Abortion affects many people. Some women disagree with the idea, while others agree. Some religions believe it is a sin to have an abortion. Abortion …show more content…

Two of the three theories supports my opinion on abortion. One of the two theories is the symbolic theory. The symbolic theory is a theory that focuses on the interaction between individuals, the individual’s perception of situations, and the ways in which social life is constructed through interaction. This theory supports my opinion on abortion because, it focuses on the individual’s perception of situations. My perception on abortion is that it is wrong and should not be allowed. The second theory that supports my opinion is the conflict theory. The conflict theory is a theory that focuses on contradictory interest, inequalities between social groups, and the resulting conflict and change. This theory supports my opinion on abortion because, it focuses on contradictory interest and, inequalities between social groups. My opinion about abortion is different from many people. I am on the pro-life side. People who are on the pro-choice side and who are in the middle, have very different beliefs than I do, or the pro-life

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