Social Problem Of Abortion In Society

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Abortion is a symptom of social problem reality in society. The rise of abortion practices in society leads to the tendency of a shift in value where the phenomenon is regarded as something common. Abortion can happens when a fertilized egg or embryo is lost naturally. This is known as a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage and happens in about one in four known pregnancies. Many more occure within the first weeks of pregnancy, before a period is even missed. An abortion (sometimes called termination of pregnancy) happens when a fertilized egg of embryo is removed from the uterus (womb), either by taking pills to expel the pregnancy, by gentle of suctions, with forceps, or with unsafe massage. Abortion is generally accepted that the law allows abortion only if the woman provides confirmation from a doctor that her pregnancy is lifethreatening and will only be performed …show more content…

In contras, each year in Indonesia, millions of women become pregnant unintentionally, and many choose to end their pregnancies, despite the fact that abortion is generally illegal. Abortion due to unwanted pregnancy is considered the best solution. Whereas it is the same as solving the problem with a new problem. Like many pregnant women by “accident” in many developing countries where abortion is stigmatized and highly restricted, Indonesian women often seek abortion with harm procedures performed by untrained providers (for example; dukun). Some women already know the negative impact of having an abortion but most women tend to ignore it. Argument 1 Psychological responses to abortion should also be considered because every woman has a different coping mechanism. Stress associated with abortion is acute stress, typically ending after the procedure. However, the stress may

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