Ethical Issues On Abortion Research Paper

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An abortion is when a pregnancy is deliberately terminated and the fetus or embryo is removed so the mother no longer has to carry through with the pregnancy. People may choose to undergo an abortion because they are unable to support the child and it may cause them harm if they were to carry through with it. Abortion is an ethical issue because people have conflicting opinions and beliefs on the issue. There is no right or wrong answer, everyone is entitled to their own view on the issue. Abortion is illegal in New Zealand under the 1961 crime act but if two certified doctors agree that continuing with the pregnancy will have a negative effect and harm the mother 's mental and emotional health then the abortion is classed as legal and is allowed …show more content…

This would also have an effect on people 's interpersonal relationships. This could cause conflict and arguments between partners as they are forced to make the tough decision of abortion. They both will be experiencing feelings of guilt and regret and this could put a lot of strain on their relationships. A study that 's been done suggests that there is a 70% chance of relationship breakdowns within the first twelve months following the abortion. This figure increases with unmarried couples. The pressure from the abortion can be too much for the relationship and it can easily break. It can also cause distance between friends as she may be embarrassed or ashamed and push herself away. Abortion can also have some positive effects on relationships. Families can grow stronger and closer together through abortion. The woman 's family can support her through the process and it may bring the family together as a whole. It may help strengthen her relationship with her partner as well because they will communicate and listen to each other as they make their decision. The women may also spend more times with friends and surround herself with …show more content…

Stopping everybody from accessing abortions can also have an effect on society. Families who are unable to have a child of their own now have a greater opportunity of adopting a child. According to only approxitimly 100 children are adopted within New Zeland every year. Families are having to look at adopting overseas and face the grueling adoption process because of the lack of babies available due to women aborting and taking away someone 's else 's opportunity. This law change will also has some negative consequences. The number of child abuse incidents will increase because the parents don 't actually want the child but don 't have another option so the child may get rejected and abused. As a result the number of children having to go into care homes would also increase and they are more likely to become troublesome children and commit petty crimes. Taxpayers would have to pay to support these unwanted children and less money would be available for healthcare and education so society as a whole would suffer as we wouldn 't have the resources to advance. An abortion is free in New Zealand for women but it does cost the government roughly $350 (figure from compared to paying $250,000 for raising a child up until the age of 18. Meaning the taxpayer is paying an extra $249,650 to bring the

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