Argument Against Abortion

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Abortion is not the answer. While each person is entitled to their own opinion, the facts have something to say. Everyone has the same argument, while you’re entitled to your opinion and it does not match the person they are arguing with, such controversy is caused between the two parties. Abortion is the process of removing a fetus (baby) from the womb of the mother or ending the pregnancy. Abortion should not be legal because it can add to the already current risk of cancer(s),the abortion also causes emotional complications, as well as medical complications short term and long term. The problem being seen is that women are putting themselves at risk for multiple side effects.
Women are putting themselves at risk for multiple kinds of cancer. …show more content…

In one instance, the increased risk is 2.3 (Elliot Institute, n.p). Women that have had more than one abortion have an even higher risk in contracting cervical cancer. With two or more abortions, the risk is increased by 4.92 (Elliot Institute, n.p). Logically this makes since, the woman has produced hormones for the pregnancy and the pregnancy suddenly ended and the hormones do not know what to do. Receiving an abortion also will increase the woman’s chance of liver and ovarian cancer (Elliot Institute, n.p). If the woman’s family has history of cancer risks, then this woman’s chance of developing this is more …show more content…

These problems are not likely to happen and if they do occur, the problems resolve with a little help. Having a mental issue also increases this risk (Planned Parenthood, n.p). A pregnancy has less risk to any emotional problems than an abortion does(Planned Parenthood, n.p). A woman with a history of emotional problems will have an increased risk either way (Planned Parenthood, n.p). A pregnancy, full term, does not lead to many emotional problems besides postpartum depression. Abortion leads to many problems as stated before. An unwanted pregnancy, is the choice made because women were having intimate relations on their behalf. The child should not have to suffer from the choice

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