Practicing Abortion: 'America Deserves Better'

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Practicing abortions are very controversial topic. According to the article “America Deserves Better”, it states abortion held center stage in a major national debate throughout the 21 century (Goldkamp 42). Some religions consider it a horrendous act. It is unacceptable in religions, no matter the reason. Society can label women who seek abortions as “sinful, selfish, dirty, irresponsible, heartless, or murderous” according to “The Bad Mother: Stigma, Abortion and Surrogacy” (Abrams 181). In Pollitt’s text “Reclaiming Abortion Rights”, she wrote “some people argue that abortions are some weird,awful, desperate act and not a normal part of life in a female body” (77). Despite religious views and public opinions, abortions have been practiced …show more content…

The woman who was raped and decide to give to give birth to that child often face negative effects. Living through that whole pregnancy can be a nightmare for many women. The whole pregnancy can feel like torture. Not being able to have an abortion in this case would leave the women constantly feeling the presence of her rapist. The women can also be traumatized by the whole experience she endured. A report released by Newsweek Global in “The Abortion War's Special Ops: With Hidden Cameras, Invented Pregnancies—And Antithetical Agendas—Two Millennials Take The Fight To The Nation's Strip Malls.", stated that “…tens of thousands of infants have been born as a result of rape or sexual exploitation in the last 15 years alone”. In some cultures, if the woman goes through the pregnancy which resulted in the rape and gives birth to the child, it is seen as taboo and society won’t accept that child. Not being accepted is the worst anybody can go through. According to Manninen in the book “Pro-Life, Pro-Choice : Shared Values In The Abortion Debate”, “studies have illustrated that children who are born unwanted to women denied abortions suffer from negative psychological and emotional repercussions”. This explains why a child born of rape to be angry with society for not letting him fit in. this child has the potential to snap with all the people who won’t accept him/her. Recent studies have shown that children born of rape …show more content…

In the article “The Bad Mother: Stigma, Abortion and Surrogacy”, a statement claim that “in the United States, about one-third of women will have an abortion over the course of their lifetimes” (Abrams). In “When Is An Abortion Not An Abortion?” Mutcherson noted “in 2011, over one million abortions were performed in the United States” (207). Without abortion as an option, who knows what would’ve happened to them. Women who carry out an unwanted pregnancy are often at risk of depression and committing suicide. This causes many mixed emotions in a child’s life. Having the right to have an abortion should be a natural right just as loving is. In "Abortion: No More Apologies", Pollitt wrote “Legalizing abortion didn’t just save women from death and injury and fear of arrest, didn’t just make it possible for women to commit to education and work and free them from shotgun marriages and too many kids”(13). This line summarizes why I argue for pro-choice supporters. In the article “Torture Born: Representing Pregnancy And Abortion In Contemporary Survival-Horror.", the author writes “Prolife and pro-choice arguments emphasize the sanctity of life and of individual rights…” (Jones 431). This proves how debatable this topic is, however I am 100% on the side of

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