Hillary Clinton Arguments Against Abortion

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Abortion is a strong topic that can raise tensions in any debate. Many think that being pro-choice mean being pro-abortion, which is not the case. Hillary Clinton said “While I have met many men and women who are pro-choice, I have yet to meet anyone who is pro-abortion.” Choosing abortion is a right for a woman that should not be limited by the government or for religious reason. Although many believe abortion is wrong and should be illegal, I argue that abortion should be a woman’s right to choose. Abortions have been around since ancient Roman and Greek times for woman who conceived children out of wedlock, out of fear for the child’s safety, to reduce the number of heirs, to avoid the expenses and burdens of child bearing and to reduce …show more content…

At what point is a fetus considered a baby? Webster defines life as being able to maintain oneself. Infants born at the age of 22 week, and up to 26 weeks are considered extremely high risk (Marshall). Only about two out of ten babies during that period in time survive (Marshall). If a fetus is not at the point where it was survive without the help of the mother, what truly makes it alive? Without the mother, the fetus would not be able to breathe or eat. It is fully reliant on someone else. With that being said, if a child is fully dependent on its mother, shouldn’t she have a say if she ready for the bodily burden of the child? If the child can be a risk to the mother, why shouldn’t she have a right to abort the baby? Some pro-life activist say that babies have a right to live, but that doesn’t mean they have the right to use someone else’s body if the fetus is not wanted. Not only can that cause later mental problems for the mother, but problems for the baby as …show more content…

Many disagree, mostly frequent church goers, because many of the Christian commandments could, and are state laws (Millstein). An example of a few commandment that could be made into laws are, adultery, murder, stealing, lying and abortion. Of those 5, 3 are US laws. Just because Christians hold some of the same values that the state does, does not mean that they support all. The purpose of separating church and state is to do what is best for the majority of the people. Which is, no matter their religion, letting women, with each a different circumstance, choose weather an abortion would be best for them or not. A woman in their right mind, meaning no psychological, mental problems or anything that would cloud their judgement should be allowed to choose their right to an abortion. All woman should not be denied an abortion for some people’s religious or personal reasons. Many pro-life individuals would also say that they are OK with abortion, but only in the cases of rape and incest. This is contradictory to what most pro-life people said in my survey, that no little person was deserving of an abortion (Dominique). When asked what is the difference between the fetuses resulting from incest they said the mother would probably feel more pain or resentment towards the child or go through more personal pain themselves and they should not be reminded of the trauma. Many also said that abortion was

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