Argumentative Analysis Of Abortion Essay

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Argumentative Analysis of Abortion Rights Abortion is a controversial topic and people have debated between “Pro-Choice”, a woman’s right to choose, as well as “Pro-Life”, strictly anti-abortion, for decades. For Abortion Rights Action Week, a Harvard College newspaper printed an opinion-based article by Tanya Luhrmann called, The Pro-Choice Argument. She claims that a priceless part of a human life is experiencing motherhood. Based on Luhrmann’s research, she presents a strongly reasoned argument between “Pro-Choice” and “Pro-Life”, and how the perspectives of both sides affects the irreplaceable relationship of a mother and child. Her well-developed and valid premise holds value and presents a strongly reasoned argument, backed by extensive research she conducted. Premises and Rationales Tanya Luhrmann upholds her evidence behind every premise regarding abortions, the unfair treatment of the fetus, and “Pro-Life” beliefs. She explains that, “...the issue that provokes such anger surrounds the fetus’s right to life--its status as a potential human being” (Luhrmann, 1979, p. 1). Luhrmann addresses the importance of legalizing and creating safe procedures during abortions …show more content…

It shows that she understands the topic completely, after evaluating both sides of the argument. Not everyone seems to understand the argument in detail, which shows why there is so much hatred and anger behind the issue to begin with. If there was anything to change and strengthen in this article, I would say the implicit assumption that was mentioned earlier. This could be a strong point for some people who waver between “Pro-Choice” and “Pro-Life” if there was a study done contemplating how several people would support the decision of the woman in that specific situation. This argumentative article that was based solely on Luhrmann’s own personal opinion shows and successfully supports both sides of the argument in great

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