Summary Of Why Abortion Is Bad For America By Marco Rubio

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1. Compare and Contrast A. Summary for first author U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, from “Why Abortion Is Bad for America,” The Human Life Review (2012), discusses why he is against abortions from mainly a moral viewpoint, rather than a political viewpoint. Overall, he states that an unborn child is still a human being and that they have the right to live. Rubio states agrees that the mother has her own right to do whatever she wants, but when there is a child living in her, that child has its own right. Therefore, the mothers “are the voice of children who cannot speak for themselves.” B. Summary for second author American lawyer and Democratic politician Wendy Davis, from “Filibuster of the Texas State Senate,” Speech or Remarks (2013), discusses …show more content…

Rubio stated that pro-choice people will say that “...it’s an unwanted child.” Rubio then makes a fantastic point by stating "...there's a lot of unwanted children...they're orphaned, they're born disabled-you can't possibly be saying that those children should also be eliminated." The only time that it is okay to get an abortion -although Rubio might not agree with me- is whenever they were raped, the mother's life is on the line, or that the baby will have a short lifespan. I believe that those that are having unplanned pregnancies are just irresponsible, careless people that do not care about a child’s life (excluding rape, unhealthy conditions, …show more content…

The strength of the other side’s (that I do not agree with) argument I do agree about the statement Davis has made about how women will turn to unsafe methods if abortions were restricted. Abortions are already bad enough, but when the mother and the child’s life is at stake, then that is just adding more negative to the side. I also agree that government should not interfere with doctor-patient relationship because it is necessary that the patient trust their own health provider to make the best decision for their own health. B. The weakness with my side’s (the one I most agree with) argument What I do not like about Rubio’s speech was that he did not make exceptions to any rape victims or health factors that could put either the mother or child’s life at risk. I believe that abortions should be restricted to a certain extent, that being if the victim was raped or the mother/child’s life is on the line. Although if the mother was raped, I do want them to have the baby and just give them to adoption services. 5. What is your typology that you found in assignment 1 and how does it reflect your opinion? (be sure to name your typology)?(Tell me where you find your

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