Why Is Late Term Abortion Unethical

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Caitlynn Thomas Mrs. Simmons English 3 H 14 December 2015 Rough Draft Late-Term Abortion is Not Wrong or Unethical (too informal?) Late-term abortion has been a topic debated over generations and is still seen as a vital issue today. A majority of the population views late-term abortion as morally and legally wrong, which is mostly due to the manipulation of the government and media. The Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act signed by George Bush places the lives and health of women and fetuses in danger, as well as puts doctors at risk for providing safe care (Feldt). As this ban still stands, people listen to the majority of society rather than their personal thoughts on the topic. America and its community remains vulnerable and susceptible to …show more content…

Women seeking late-term abortions after being raped must receive counseling or outside treatment prior to the abortion, and a second doctor is to be on hand for any possible complications during the procedure (“House Republicans”). These women should have the choice to go through therapy, but it should not be a requirement before the abortion to go through counseling. When women are forced to go through counseling, it is degrading them and categorizing them as broken, when nothing is wrong. Women that have experienced rape may not want to go through counseling and bring up the traumatic experience, they may want to get an abortion and try to forget the …show more content…

This does not make sense, because the fetus does not have feelings or a life until they are outside the uterus. Society still insists that fetuses are superior to the mother, which is false. A bill has been revived that has banned abortion after the twentieth week of pregnancy, and most of Americans support it ("House Republicans"). This bill is still in effect and should be taken into consideration based off of the improvements in women’s rights and abortions. Another point is late-term abortion specifically is wrong because the fetus is more developed at the twentieth week, which is defined as late-term, and can be identified in sex and if there are any complications; therefore personifying the once small fetus. Mothers that abort the fetus based on the fact that it is less than perfect is not right, but they should still have the right to abort the

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