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Experts have several reasons why they believe late-term abortion is an immoral practice. Don Marquis is an American author who is an expert in ethics and medical ethics. Marquis also wrote the academic journal Why Abortion is Immoral in April of 1989. He wrote this academic journal to express his feelings towards abortion and specifically, late-term abortion. Late-term abortion supporters believe a fetus isn't a fetus until it is birthed. However, experts like Marquis believe they are morally wrong. Marquis believes when the baby is first conceived it is human (1). A baby is a human at conception because of the morality (2). "We do treat being both living and human as having a moral significance "(2). "Since a fetus possesses a property,…show more content…
Supporters of late-term abortion believe the mother should undoubtfully have more rights than the baby. However, once the baby is out of the woman's body, the argument becomes invalid. The argument becomes invalid because the baby isn't supported by its mother. The baby can technically live without the mother's body (Alters 147). The D&X procedure involves delivering the baby until just the head remains in the cervix. Neerof stated, once the head of the baby is out of the cervix and in the vagina, the baby is essentially delivered because there isn't anything left to hold the fetal head in. There is nothing to hold the head into the cervix once the physician has made the incision into the base of the skull (Alters 147). Neerof also stated, "At the juncture, the fetus is merely inches from being delivered and obtaining full legal rights of personhood under the U.S. Constitution. Neerof questions when the physicians make the blind incision and the baby accidently slips out of the mother. He states that then the baby will definitely have full human rights, and therefore, the abortion procedure would be considered murder because the baby was killed. The reason is simple, the baby is a human, it is being killed during a late-term abortion procedure, therefore, it is…show more content…
They believe this problem is occurring around the world as well. Statistics have shown, one-third of all pregnancies are aborted by the mother in the U.S. But, in other countries, these numbers are higher. In Russia, over 70% of all pregnancies are ended by abortion. Also, over 95% of all abortions in Russia, are performed for the convivence for the mother (Deem 1). Only 2% of unmarried, pregnant women choose to put their child up for adoption (Mathewes-Green 6). Late-term abortion should not be an elective choice. One is simply killing a baby. Even though the child is inside another person, the baby is still a human being according to Marquis and several other experts. Late-term abortion should be banned because there are other options, like adoption, that one can do with the baby. The statistics show how late-term abortion is really being used. Most people are using it as an elective, not a

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