Normative Ethical Theory On Abortion

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Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. The idea of ending the emergence of a new life is too horrible to comprehend. I will prove that abortion is morally wrong through the use of my normative ethical theory. My normative ethical theory is: an act is right if it honors God and what He has created and wrong if it dishonors God and what He has created. Clearly, according to my theory, a baby is something that God has created and killing it or terminating it before it reaches full term is wrong. Though I believe a baby is fully human, some people may argue a baby is not a human, it is just a fetus and therefore has no right to life. It is not an autonomous…show more content…
While the first part of their conclusion is correct, there are still some flaws. They say embryos are complete humans because they have their own distinct genetic code and the fact the embryo will become a full human in just nine months. Embryos are just incomplete humans but they are still humans. Now, the idea that an abortion is fine if the woman’s life is questionable. While it is desirable to save both the baby and the mother, sometimes only one can be saved. According to my ethical theory, the woman should die because that is not murder, it is natural causes. It may seem harsh, but God knows when we will live and die, and sometimes a woman is not supposed to live through her pregnancy. If the baby dies, it is murder because the baby had a chance at life, but it was prevented from experiencing life. Life is so important to God that he says anyone who murders should die. In the book of Exodus, God said whoever kills a baby should suffer the same fate. Also, God does not desire for his people to decrease those who are in his image. On the practical side of the pro-life argument, according to philosopher Erica Bachiochi, abortions harm women. There have been studies that show women who have had abortions have an increased rate of anxiety, depression and suicide rate. Also, the abortion can cause complications with future births if there are any. There are…show more content…
But, the argument is still wrong. If this argument is applied to my normative ethical theory, it falls flat. A fetus, or a baby, is created by God, so killing the baby dishonors what God has created. While God does give us the ability to choose how we live our lives, He does not want us to make choices that will destroy what He has created to share with us or made to make us enjoy life. If I was told the only way I could keep on living was to have an abortion, I would let my baby have a shot at life. I had already lived my life and now it would be their turn to make something good happen. It may sound morbid, but I would honor God’s gift to me and my husband by giving the gift
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