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Hook Let’s say the government chose what you wear, what you eat, how and when you sleep, what career you pursue and who you marry. Wouldn’t you deem this strict? Unfair? Stupid even? Why then do we believe that we or the government should have a say in a woman’s choice of aborting a fetus? Why are we so against arranged marriages but so for a woman keeping a child she doesn’t want or can’t support? Thesis Statement The stigma and laws against should be lifted because it should be solely the parents’ or woman’s decision, it has been beneficial in many cases and the betterment of the life already being lived should take residence over the embryo’s possible life. Topic Sentences 1. Abortion can be very beneficial • Abortion has lower infection and …show more content…

However, in most cases it is the embryo that is aborted and not a fetus, which is the stage in which the embryo starts to develop. As such an embryo cannot be written in statistics as a life lived as it is dependent solely on the carrier, thus aborting at this stage technically should not be considered as the taking of life but as a decision on whether to facilitate this possible life. Personhood begins after a fetus is able to survive outside the womb, not at conception. Conclusion The legalization of abortion will allow a woman to fully exercise her constitutional right of freedom of choice. Benefits of abortion far exceed the disadvantages and the life to preserve and better should be that of the mother or parents and not of an unborn fetus. On this basis, abortion should be legalized in all countries. Is it really moral and ethical if the life of the mother of the unborn child is not considered in these decisions? Are we really going to allow the feelings of something that feels nothing to influence this decision? Or are we going to consider the feelings of a living human

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