Roe V. Wade's Restriction Of Abortion

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A pressing women’s right issue that has divided the nation for the last 40 years is Abortion. It’s a procedure in which a woman medically terminates her pregnancy, this option to terminate a pregnancy has come under great fire due to moral permissibility and ethical concern. The right to abortion was granted on a constitutional basis under the landmark decision by the supreme court case, “Roe Vs. Wade” but has been attacked and attempted to be dismantled by sweltering opposition by several special-interests groups. Roe, a pregnant texas woman, filed a class action suit against Texas’s abortion laws. The state laws at the time made it a crime to seek or obtain an abortion. She argued that Texas’ abortion laws were unconstitutional and created prosecutorial overreach. The defendant of this court proceeding was the county District Attorney Wade. The Court delivered a landslide decision,7-2, in Wade’s favor. The court decided that the state’s regulation of termination of pregnancy is limited to the third trimester. First trimester abortion is up to the doctor 's discretion and second is at the discretion of a woman’s health. There have been …show more content…

Their interpretation of the opposition’s limitation of abortion is as a n act of war on women. The framing of the war on women narrative details that the right wing political sphere seeks to limit and control the bodies of women’s nation-wide. Which is partly-factual correct given that a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy is an exercise of choice. The left’s pro-choice is not to be confused with pro-abortion, pro-choice is simply respecting the decision to obtain an abortion or not under one’s free accord and leisure. In its most literal form, it is an observation of the constitutional right to have an abortion if one pleases and in defense of this liberty granted by constitutional powers that

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