Personal Narrative: Getting A Dog

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Getting a Dog Have you ever been so happy that you couldn’t talk well that was how happy me and my sister were when we were allowed to get a dog. So after a night me and my sister couldn’t sleep we got up at like 8:00 because my parents would of gotten mad at us if we woke them up any earlier. So we ate breakfast and ate and like usually my parents procrastinated till it was about 11:00 and Petsmart stops showing the dogs at 12:00 so then we went to see the dogs and we found the one his name was hambone and he was cute he was beagle part basit. So we talked to a Petsmart employee and they said that okay let’s see if anybody else wanted that dog well looks like there is they are looking at him right now. Well kids looks like you guys should go and look at another one well there is a possibility they won’t want him well look they are thinking about it and so you guys can take the dog for a walk okay. Well I like this dog can we get him it isn’t your choice it is the people that are thinking about getting him why ,”because they were here first so they get the choice.” Then we got back in Petsmart and the petsmart employee stated,”I know that you guys don’t want to wait here all day so we can call you guys if they got him or if they didn’t get the dog. So what is your phone number 253-171-2195.” Now we are at home and we are all …show more content…

“That is right I forgot you guys will be picking up his poop and throwing it away and walking him every morning and I don’t care if it is 15 degrees out and snowing you will walk him.” Stated my dad. So then we got home went into the backyard and we played with the

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