The Importance Of CNA Classes In High School

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It all started when I made the choice to take CNA classes. CNA stands for certified nursing assistant. It is a class that you can take when you are in high school. It all started on the first day, I thought it was going to be amazing. Only did I find, there was much more to it than I thought and to not count my chickens before they hatch. The only good thing about it was I begin it with three people from Springfield. They were the only ones I knew. All the other students who went to that school made me feel unwanted because I did not go there. So after miserable weeks of book work, we began to start clinics. This is where it all began, on the first day we were being showed everything by my teacher who dislikes me for some reason. First, in front of everyone, she says “Elizabeth when you find a trash can you better spit that gum out!” So immediately, I turn red and embarrassed. She makes a rude comment and was like, “if you can find the trash can.” All I could hear was the other students laughing at me. I ran out of the room and into the hall. So after I finally had found the trash can I opened it up and it was full of nasty dirty diapers. I thought to myself please Lord let me get through this. So we finished that day with her showing us what all we had to do and the …show more content…

It taught me that if you show that something is bothering you need to open up and let someone know. After all someone treating you bad could be because their having a bad day, you never know. I have learned that no matter how bad you get treated and how bad the situation is there is always a positive outcome. From here on out I will remind myself to not let all things bother me as much even though I am such a kind hearted person. I am closing the door on the past, and becoming a positive person that will not let anyone from stopping what I have to do in

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