Personal Narrative: My Nightmares

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I woke up terrified , those nightmares they keep happening. I was thinking to myself saying why haven't they went away. But suddenly my thoughts were disturbed by the yelling of my sister. I got out of bed and went down stairs where i had seen my sister jill making breakfast , she turned around and saw me , then she asked “ nightmares again ”. I answered “ yes ”. Then she had replied with “ hurry up and eat your breakfast we have to take you to your last appointment ”. I remembered that i had therapy but i didn't want to go i just want to forget about what had happened. I deeply sighed and ate then went upstairs and changed. Then when i had finished i walked downstairs when i had seen my sister on the phone , she was sad and stressed then i…show more content…
When we arrived i got out of the car and walked to my house and unlocked it and went upstairs to my room. I was thinking about those nightmares all of a sudden they came back it has been 2 years since those nightmares left but now they come back, i was confused and frustrated. It had also been 2 years ago since my parents had died. Yes , my nightmares were about my parents deaths , here's how they died sadly . its was a regular moring a bright and quiet morning and i had woken up and ran downstairs , i saw my parents and my sister. Mom was cooking breakfast , dad was reading the newspaper , my sister jill was in the living room watching t.v. i walked to the table and said “ good morning ” with a big smile on my face. They all replied with “ good morning to you too ”. After we all had finished breakfast i got upstairs to get ready to leave for my grandparents house ”. Me and my sister were done so we had ran to the car and waited for mom and dad. Soon enough they came and we all had gotten in the car, dad was driving mom was in the front passenger side and my and jill were in the back seats. The drive was a 2 hour drive so we were in the car for a quite long…show more content…
We found a new exit but we haven't been there so it was new to us so we took the chance and went that way. It had a sign and it had read “ look out for animals such as deers “. But i thought they had noticed it but no , i was wrong. I was looking out the window and saw little deers playing , they were so adorable but then suddenly a big elder deer came running onto the street while my dad was on his phone checking the gps , i had yelled “ dad watch out “ , he turned the steering wheel round and round me and jill only had our seatbelts on but moms and dads broke. The car was going in circles and we stopped by the car getting crashed into a big tree. The problem was the car had crashed by the front of the car. I looked over at jill she had s few cuts because of the window being broken but then i had seen something i never ever wanted to see , my parents they , they were covered with blood i had shaken jill and told her mom and dad had cuts and covered in blood. She had taken off her seatbelt and checked for there pulse but then she had looked at me and shook her head

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