Green Lake-Personal Narrative

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It was a Friday night. We were thrilled to be out of school, it had been a long week. I was on a short leash with my teachers since me and my pals Barry and John brought stink bombs to school and stunk up the whole cafeteria. At least twenty kids had to go home sick. Needless to say, it was the prank of the year. Each day after school my friends and I would try to find something fun to do which wasn’t easy in Green Lake. Green Lake is a small town filled with old people, trees, dirty lakes, factories, and stuck up girls. Green lake is the worst. To make things fun, my friends and I like to explore the woods, abandoned paper mills, and sometimes go fishing near the abandoned coal mine. Recently while exploring the woods, …show more content…

Jim's friends dared him to go in. I said, “heck no.” My friends Barry and john would NOT leave me alone, and I was getting VERY annoyed. So finally, I said, “fine.” I said, “I'm only going in for $30.” My friends Barry and John were happy I was going in but yet they were mad that they both had to give me $15 each. Barry said have fun and giggled. When I went in the wood cracked when I stepped I felt like i was going to fall through the floor. When i went up the stairs EVERY single stair had a hole in them, when I got upstairs a HUGE piece of sharp wood fell from the ceiling and I ran! I went in the basement and then I heard nothing and then all the sudden somebody or something was coming down the stairs! I broke the window with a axe and I cut my leg open when I crawled out the wind and when I got out I ran four there and a half miles without stopping. I ditched Barry and john, because I was TERRIFIED! Later the next day I meet up with Barry and john and Barry said,”your crazy I would have never went in there.” I said,” I ain't no little girl like you.” John said,”break it up ladies.”
I was so happy I got $30 I screamed

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