Personal Narrative Essay: Mille Lacs Lake

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My family and I were on our way to Mille Lacs Lake, a very great walleye fishery. It was going to be perfect, a small breeze 70 and sunny a perfect day for fishing. Little did we know it was going to be rough.

Beep, Beep, Beep, it was seven o'clock AM it was time to get up for fishing. I got out of bed and grabbed some breakfast pancakes, bacon, and some orange juice. It was delicious. After breakfast, my uncle, grandpa, brother and I loaded up the boat and got on the road. We were headed for Mille Lacs Lake. After about an hour of driving, we pulled into the boat launch and backed the boat in, then my grandpa got bait from the bait store by the launch.

After a while of driving the boat looking for a spot to fish, we found a spot. The spot was perfect , and we were fishing in fifteen feet of water on a weed edge. Then, we put our rigs down. We were using Lindy rigs with a leech and started fishing. Then, my grandpa's drag started screaming -- he had a fish! He reeled in the fish, and it was a good fish that was around twenty inches. After we let the fish go, the fishing got good! We ended up catching around twenty more walleyes. …show more content…

There were four-foot waves, and it started pouring. We decided to go in for lunch. We went to the red roof inn, but when we got there they were closed, so we went to a different restaurant, it was delicious. When we were finished with lunch, we drove out of the bay and back to the place where we were fishing. When we got there we realized we were low on leeches, so we went back to the launch and got some more leaches from the small bait store. When we got back to the spot, we went fishing for another two hours and caught about five walleyes and a small mouth bass. After we were out of leeches again, we decided to head

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