Pros And Cons Of Bass Fishing

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Every fisherman out there would like more tips for bass fishing . Catching a huge bass can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. But Bass can be a bit finicky and difficult to catch at times. And using the wrong techniques will only ensure an empty stringer. The following quick tips for bass fishing should help you put more fish in the boat and give you the confidence you need to get out there and fish.

Use the proper gear. Try to use a medium - medium/heavy pole. You want a pole with good backbone to pull the bass out of cover, but not so lightweight that you set the hook or land the bass once you have got the strike. Try to use a reel with at least 3 ball bearings. You do not have to spend a fortune for good tackle ,but remember if you go too cheap on your tackle, you will lose fish. Learn to tie good fishing knots. A …show more content…

Fish deeper when the sky is clear and bright. You should also fish shallower when the sky is cloudy. Fish in and around structure. Bass love rocks, fallen timber, underwater channels and ledges, and weeds. If there are bass to be found, you will find them here. Fish bigger baits if you are going after bigger bass. You may have to sacrifice quantity to get a quality trophy bass. Just realize that you may only get one or two strikes for the day, but they may be the fish of a lifetime. Fishing during the pre-spawn and spawn greatly increases your chances of finding bass. When the water temperature hits 62 -65 degrees, the bass fishing heats up. Throw single hook lures in heavy cover to avoid getting caught. Use heavier baits in windy and deep water, and use lighter lures in shallow and calm water. Go fishing today and take someone you love with you! You will learn more on the water than anywhere else.

Keep these quick tips for bass fishing in mind next time you hit the water, and you should be able to out-fish your fishing

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