Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To My Family

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It all started on a summer day, I went to nags head beach with my family. We got a big beach house with my whole family and a few friends. This was about 4 years but it feels like it was just the other day. We went at the very end of the summer. It was still nice and warm outside. It took 3 hours to drive from Va to Nc but it was worth it. We were there for a week. The beach was only about a 5 minute walk from our front door. I went to the beach and went swimming almost every day. When I didn’t want to walk to the beach I could go to the back yard and jump in the pool we had. And at night when the pool started to get cold I could go on the upstairs balcony and get in the hot tub. The pool had lights in it but the hot tub had lights and jets. While I was down in North Carolina we went to a place with big sand dunes. People were here flying kites and kicking soccer balls. But my family just walked around on the sand dunes. It was miles of sand with almost …show more content…

But this time we brought our fishing poles. Me my cousin and my dad went to the big doc away from all of the people swimming and started fishing. My cousin caught a few fish and so did my dad but I didn’t catch anything yet. Right when we were about to leave I felt a tug on my pole. I pulled back and had the fish hooked. I knew it had to be a big fish because it was hard to reel in. After about 25 or 30 minutes the fish was almost at the doc. Then I started to pull it out of the water and that’s when I realized it was a shark. The shark was about two feet long and weighed 45 pounds. I got my dad to take a picture of me holding the shark then after that I threw it back in the water. After I threw the shark back we decided to go back to the beach house. When we got back to the beach house we didn’t do much we just chilled out for the last night because we had to leave the next day around

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