Personal Narrative: Moving To Panama City Beach

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It was finally the day I got to see my mom after two whole months. She moved to Florida to find a house down there so I could move down with her. For two months it was basically misery. I have never been two weeks without her, let alone 2 months. I was heartbroken and she was too. We talk every day to every two days, but yet it was still horrible. Even though my grandparents tried to keep me happy and busy, I still missed her horribly! Then the day finally arrived It was the first day of spring break and we rolled out of Wabash In, to Panama City Beach,FL, my grandma Tina, my cousin Chloe ,and myself were on our way to see my mom that my family and myself haven’t seen in 2 months.We had more than words can explain crammed into our 2003 silver Sunfire and if you haven 't ever saw one it is tiny.We had things like a microwave a toaster and a vacuum and many other unusual things you would take to a spring break vacation. After A crammed ride of 12 in a half hours we finally arrived. I was actually scared for some reason. Now that I think of it, why was I scared? I mean it is my mom… I feel it was just because I wasn’t around her like I was 2 months ago. When we pulled into the beach-home, condo I was so excited,scared, and emotional when I first saw her I …show more content…

Then the moment of truth… my room… it was the BEST ROOM I HAVE EVER HAD! It was zebra everywhere I had my own vanity and everything the best thing is I HAD A WALK-IN CLOSET! It was already filled with clothes, tons and tons and tons of clothes! As the day went we went to sleep, I slept like a baby knowing I had my mom in the same house.Then the next came and we went shopping.We also went to the beach. A Place called Pier Park. I went to my uncle’s house and we rode in his boat then we went to Crab Island and I got the

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