Personal Narrative: My ACL Tear Journey At The Hospital

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My ACL Tear Journey At The Hospital A quick turn on a soccer field led me to the worst experience in my life. A while back in my sophomore year I tore my ACL while I was practicing for my first soccer game of the school year. I made a quick turn without positioning my feet correctly on the ground. I thought that I broke my knee, but I never knew that after that day I would have experienced the worst day a month after on February 15th. The day I had knee surgery.
On February 14th my mother woke me up with a smile on her face to lighten the mood a little, because the next morning would be the day that I would have my first surgery ever. I was really clam in the morning like any other day. It really didn 't hit me that I would have surgery …show more content…

When we got to the hospital, I walked through the emergency room, but the surgical waiting room was closed. My mom and I were confused because I was my doctor 's first patient. When they opened the door the receptionist quickly gave me the paperwork and I started to fill them out. I freak out while I was filling out the papers because they had written out that I tore my right ACL when I tore my left ACL. I went to the counter and told the receptionist “ Excuse me ma 'am, the information on the forms are wrong.” The lady then looked at the paper and realized it was wrong and started to laugh and said “ I am so sorry I wrote the wrong one down.” I knew that if I didn 't notice the papers they would have done surgery on my right knee instead of the left knee.
I was moved to another room where other people were surrounded by nurses getting prepared for surgery. The moment I was stationed in my room I was surrounded by different nurses. There was the anesthetic nurse, the head nurse, the assistant nurses and even the nurses that are in training. It was so crowded, but my mom never left my side. I would look over and she would say “Everything is fine, there are just checking up on you, don 't worry angle.” My mom was my rock the whole time and even after

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