Personal Narrative: The Legacy Program

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“Crack”, “click” was what I heard before the most excruciating pain I have ever felt filled my right knee. It was on October 7th, it was just weeks before my junior season was going to start. I was at Massillon Washington high school at wrestling practice like I was almost every day. I was drilling with the assistant coach Percy McGee hitting single legs which was my favorite move. About 40 seconds into the drill I hit another single and all of a sudden my knee locked at about 90 degrees. Unable to straighten my leg I became very panicked but my coach assured me that I would be ok. Little did he know that it was going to be a life altering injury. The next day I went to my doctor’s office to get my knee checked out (I was still worried because my knee was still …show more content…

In the beginning it was very hard to be recognized by the coaches at Tuslaw because the school is known for their wrestling. The community actually calls it the “legacy program”. A few weeks into season it was my time to show I was ready to be something great at this school. Wrestle offs began and I was competing for the starting spot at 195 pounds and my opponent was Scottie Wolheter the returning state qualifier from the year before. It was a hard fought battle after the first period I was down 2-0, after the second I was still down but this time it was 2-1, with short time left in the third period I got a takedown and was able to get the win 3-2. After a hard season it was time for sectionals. I was going in at 36-3. After two hard days I finished fourth which was very disappointing but I had to get ready for districts which was the following weekend. I go into districts mentally prepared to place and go to states. After another two hard fought days, once again I finished fourth. I was very disappointed in my results but at the same time I was very excited to be a state

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