Athletic Training Program Entry Essay

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Athletic training and sports medicine has always been a passion of mine. Second semester, my freshman year in high school was when I first began to work with the varsity softball team and tryout for the high school team. While participating on this team, I was also working with a travel team for the summer. At practice for my summer team, the day before the season started for my high school team, was one of the most traumatic experiences I 've every gone through in my whole life. Half way through the scrimmage at practice, I was running the bases when I felt a “pop” in my leg and immediately collapsed and screamed for help. At that moment was when my life changed and my softball playing career almost ended. Driving to the emergency room 30 mins away, felt like hours because I was scared out of my mind. …show more content…

I had no idea what he was talking about and asked him to explain. He told me that I had torn my ACL and that I would need surgery within the next couple of weeks, putting an end to my freshman year of softball. Through all the strength training before surgery, the actual surgery, through physical therapy for months afterwards, I realized I loved learning about how all the treatments and tape jobs worked and how they were done. I found myself asking questions about almost everything that was being done to me. Not just for my own injury, but just to gain knowledge about anything I could pick up. I decided about a year after my injury, athletic training and physical therapy were my passions and that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Little did I know that 3 years later, the exact same injury would happen to my other knee and I would change my career path again. This time was different mentally however, every time I would go to physical therapy, I would notice how quiet it was and how only a few people were there at a time. After doing a lot of research on sports medicine, and other professions available

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