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It felt like a knife was stabbing me right in the leg. I noticed a considerable amount of other campers staring at me as I was laying on the ground in pain. “Ouch! Oh my gosh!” I held my leg as I yelled loudly. I don’t remember exactly how it felt when it first happened, but I do remember that right when I hit the solid concrete floor, I knew what had happened. Never again was I going to mess around with one of those skateboards, especially since I didn’t know exactly what I was doing. My head was spinning with confusion. I tried to stand up, except I fell right back down in even more pain. Everybody at camp was looking at me as I was crying, holding onto my leg as tight as I could. It was at Camp Tekakwitha in two-thousand fourteen with my friend Grace, and we had some free time in the gym after dinner, so we grabbed Penny Boards and began to ride them. Penny Boards are just miniature skateboards so they’re not difficult to ride. “This is a blast!” Grace exclaimed. “I know!” I replied back to her. We were entertained for a while until a boy stepped in my way and when I tried to turn, I hit a crack in the …show more content…

Sitting in the nurse's office, I called my parents and they said they would be there as soon as possible, but camp but a little over an hour away. I ate probably five popsicles while sitting in the nurse’s office, but they didn’t taste as exceptional as they usually do since I was in pain. Originally, I was supposed to stay three more nights, but I guess my camp experience was over for that summer. Soon enough, my parents got there and we started our drive back home. My mom thought it was broken, but my dad swore it was just a sprained ankle that would heal in a week or two, so we waited until the next morning to go to the doctor to find

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